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"....let your light SHINE before people, so they can see the good things you do and GLORIFY your Father in heaven." Matt. 5:16

Hi! I'm Cherie

I’m Izzy, Jovie, & Reece's mom, a friend, a daughter and a believer. I'm a servant leader and encourager to an amazing group of Mary Kay Consultant's who I like to call my SHINEfam! I am passionate about relationships, faith, my family, adventure, being the best verision of myself and helping women transform themselves.

Cherie's 10 year old daughter Izzy
Jovie and Reece
Izzy The Champion :)


We are normal women, moms, sisters, daughters, students, full time/part time workers - but we have a passion to live our best life. We know we were meant for more. We let our light SHINE BRIGHT so everyone around us can see how big our God is! We give our all in our business for our customers! We want to do things SO BIG that only God deserves the credit! We strive for progress, not perfection! ...and let God fill in the gaps. 


Mary Kay Cosmetics is our vehicle. Reaching women to inspire them to live better and build a FULL future for their families is our destination! At the heart of our businesses are Christian priorities - Doing unto others as we do unto ourselves, and living our life with Christ as the center of IT ALL!

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