Step 1 - Add Cherie on VOXER(& message Cherie with "This is ______(your name)!"  


After we have connected on VOXER we will set up a time to chat LIVE on the phone about your next few steps!

Step 2 - Inventory or Not? 

Step 3 - Book your Launch Party.

Cherie will come to your Launch Party when you start your business at a STAR CONSULTANT INVENTORY LEVEL.

Step 4 - Complete MKUniveristy on Intouch 


Bonus: Attend Cherie's LIVE New Consultant Training and win another charm of your choice!

RSVP Here(text Cherie for next date or check unit calendar) They are on select Sunday Afternoons.

Step 5 - Book your PERFECT or POWER START 

PERFECT START: Practice your Party Procedure on 15 faces (minimum of 3 apps to complete)

POWER START: Practice your Party Procedure on 30 faces(minimum of 6 appointments)

BONUS: EARN YOUR BEAUTY COAT when you complete your POWER START and ADD A NEW QUALIFIED TEAM MEMBER in your 1st 30 days!

Step 6 - Get Organized 

  • Set up Customer Website

  • Set up Propay

  • Order your Business Cards

  • Open Separate Checking account

  • Purchase File box for Customer Profiles and Sales Tickets(you will enter virtually but keep paper copies as backup)

Step 7 - Do 3-9 Practice Career Chats with Cherie & Earn your PEARLS! 

Step 8 - Get to your Meeting!

Attend 8 meetings in a row as a new consultant and receive a charm of your choice! 

Step 9 - Complete any level of our Perfect 12 program

Step 10 - Look good in RED!