Your Party/Event is JUST around the corner, and I am so excited!

These parties are always so much fun, and I love getting to know you and your friends better.

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Here's what you can earn! 


Take a look at all the hostess rewards and then

let me know YOUR party goal is.


I recommend aiming for the $2000 party because you will get

a ton of free product


FREE shipping.


I will do my BEST to help you reach your goal!

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How do I invite?

Inviting is Super simple.  Here is an example message. Edit to make it you—(insert the date/time/add some emojis, etc.).

Hey there! I have a 💝MK Pink Spa Pampering Package 💝 with your name on it! 

I know you're probably getting a ton of invites to virtual stuff, and I don’t know about you but I love some good skin care and I could just a fun girls night, so I decided to host a Virtual Spa Night for me and some girlfriends! 

If you can make it my MK gal Cherie will mail a 💝MK Pink Spa Pampering Package💝 to you to use during the Live Stream with us, plus we have lots of giveaways and you don’t even have to leave your house! 

Can I count you in? Let me know and I’ll send you an invite to the group! and send me your mailing address for the Pink Pampering Pack! 

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Curiosity Posts Ideas

Post a picture of you wearing your favorite mk product or just you holding it.... do not say the name of the product or the company. Just keep it light and simple...not "I'm hosting a party" bc those don't seem to work as well.  If you do one like the example, and peeps reply, just comment back and be light and conversational...then you can PM and invite them over like I did with you. If they don't want the biggie! .  Here is what you can message:  


Hey_____! I saw you comment on my post for _______! I've fallen inlove with these products! I’m hosting an online party, and we’re gonna be doing some giveaways and you can check it all out and leave your wallet in your purse cause there's no obligation purchase lol. But the giveaways are great! Can I send ya the group invite? 


If they say yes, send them the group link...or you can use the invite button as long as they say yes, but then message them, I just invited ya! Let me know when you get into the group! And then tag them in your welcome pic post.

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Group Chat Example

Setting up a group messenger chat makes it super easy for me to help ya with reminders, and see your guest list.  Just start a new FB messenger chat, and add all your girls to it, and add me.  You can rename the title of the chat, or I can do that for you once the chat is made :)  Here's an Example of what to say! 

First I want to thank you all for partying with me! Our MK gal for the party is @cherie Thibodeaux and she is amazing! If you guys have any questions about anything she’s the expert on all the deals! I created the chat so Cherie can send reminders and special deals because I know how hectic life is! And I don’t want y’all to miss out! I can’t wait to party with y’all 😍


The Welcome Post: Tag your Guests Here

I will have a Welcome post set up for your group.  I will tag you in the Welcome post, then you can simply comment below it and tag your girls.  This helps get them to the starting place for your party, and the Welcome post includes key info they will need, and your party link.  Attached is an example of how Jenn tagged her guests in the comments of the Welcome post.

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Post in your Party and Share What you Love


Have fun with your friends, and post in your group.  They want to see what you have to say!  So, feel free to jump in with a post or a video, showing off what you love,  or just letting them know how excited you are for them to join the party & thank them for being your guest.   Here are some screen shots from one of our hostesses who rocked her party. This got her girls even more excited to attend the live event!


-During the party, it is important that you STAY ENGAGED!

-Comment and like all the party posts (not to be entered into the drawing, but to help encourage engagement). Reply to or like all of your guests comments on the posts. If you want to go live with me on the Virtual SpaNight let me know! This will help REALLY pump up your guests!

-On GIVEAWAY ENTRY POSTS, please tag your guests in the comments below that post so they know how they can participate.


Just Have FUN!

If I have more than 2 parties scheduled for a week, we may do the party Battle of the Hostess style! This is super fun. Your party will receive MORE engagement, MORE orders, MORE fun.. plus an added prize for the hostess that has the most orders!


Remember I will be doing most of the work for you! But, your friends are at the party to support YOU, so the more interaction from you the better! I am looking forward to sharing Mary Kay with you and your friends! 

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your Mary Kay Consultant! 

After Your Event

Send a quick message to your guests, especially those who requested a Pink Pampering Pack. Here are some examples:

Example 1:
Did you get you a chance to check out my MK party?
I’m seriously OBSESSED with MK! You'll LOVE the products! My party closes TONIGHT! Want me to send you my link so you can browse and shop???

Example 2:
Thanks for checking things out during my party! I can’t wait for you to fall in love too. I wanted to make sure you have the ordering link… (add link)… and can’t wait to see what you get!! Make sure you share your pics in the group so everyone can see! Let me know if you have any questions about any products or ordering!